Saturday, August 27, 2011

cupcakes from sweet dreams café

There is a cupcake shop in Lausanne, Switzerland named Sweet Dreams Café.  It's owned by an American young woman.  

I tried some of her goodies a while ago and liked the strawberry cheesecake cupcake.  The one I ate was nice and moist with a delicious strawberry filling.  The vanilla orange and double chocolate cupcakes did not impress me.  The cakes were dry and the frosting tasted too much like butter.  I felt like my arteries were getting clogged and my body fat increasing as I was eating them so I just stopped.

Photos of the mini cakes:

Gluten-free, lactose-free: a baking adventure - 2nd try

As promised here, I am sharing the results of my second attempt at baking a lemon cake with gluten-free flour.  I used the same recipe with another type of gluten-free flour from the same brand, Schaer.

Firstly, here are some photos of the first attempt:

 As you can see the cake did not cook properly.  It's too dry on the outside and the inside is not moist at all.

The second try looks so much better and tasted really good.  Moist, fluffy, light!

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