About Me

I am that I am.  I am that I am peace.  I am that I am love.  I am that I am.

I am in a period in my life where I am changing, growing, learning and more aware (more present) in order to live truly how I want to live, be how I truly am and express myself the way I truly feel.  It's not always easy to stay true and be authentic but I push myself to do it because it's a significant way to love oneself.

I am experiencing life better when aware. I notice daily miracles, even if it seems small.  If I want to travel to a new city I do it. If I want to eat at this new restaurant I do it. If I want to do nothing I do it. If I am scared of biking on the road with traffic I just do it. Fear is paralyzing.  I am learning to not let fear stop me from living.

I am also in the search of a new way to make money doing something I enjoy doing.  I have many ideas.  We will see what happens as I start on this journey of entrepreneurship.

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