Sunday, January 29, 2012

coconut oil: hair nourishing treatment

I have treated my hair several times with this and every time I am satisfied with the results.  My hair looks healthier and moisturized.  It has brilliance and feels protected.

The procedure I follow:
  1. I wet my hair a little bit so it can be damp.  I think it helps the treatment penetrate it better.
  2. I heat coconut oil in the microwave for about 40 seconds.  The amount of oil depends on the length and thickness of your hair.  I like my hair to be well saturated with it.
  3. I separate my hair into several sections and "finger detangle" it.
  4. I coat each section of my hair with the hot oil (from roots to ends).
  5. I make a bun and put on a plastic cap to cover my head for at least 20 minutes.
  6. I rinse my hair with warm water and wash my scalp with soap.
  7. I let the soapy water from my scalp wash down to my ends.
  8. I rinse my hair with warm water
  9. I apply one of my favorite hair conditioners and detangle my hair with a wide tooth comb
  10. After detangling, I rinse my hair with cool water.
  11. Style as I want.
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